Artist: Drake
Track: 2 On/Thotful
Plays: 1673

Drake - 2 On/Thotful (Drake only, no OB)

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Artist: The Notorious B.I.G.
Track: Fucking You Tonight
Album: Life After Death
Plays: 821

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Artist: Earl Sweatshirt
Track: Guild (ft. Mac Miller)
Album: Doris
Plays: 8489

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Artist: Two Door Cinema Club
Track: Handshake
Album: Beacon
Plays: 199


two door cinema club || handshake

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Artist: Spill Canvas
Track: Whiskey Dream Kathleen
Album: Gestalt
Plays: 11

"Whiskey Dream Kathleen" by The Spill Canvas

The Complex Collective: A New Approach to Music

We are officially 20% FUNDED! Cmon friends, lets make this happen. We can do it! A couple more backers going into the weekend and we’ll release a track for free. 

You can make our dreams come true. Sweep us off our feet.



Artist: Frank Sinatra
Track: Fly Me To The Moon
Plays: 40793

Fly me to the moon // Frank Sinatra

Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars

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Artist: Foul Stench Of Youth
Track: My Ticket Home
Album: Strangers Only
Plays: 29
"My Ticket Home" by Foul Stench Of Youth
Artist: Felix Pereda
Track: Use Somebody
Album: Kings Of Leon
Plays: 11

"Use Somebody" by Felix Pereda (cover) [edited]

Full version [video]
Edited version [mp3 download]

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